Available Cmdlets

The PowerShell Extensions for Ivanti DSM deliver a total of 146 cmdlets for managing your DSM 2019.1 environment. This section gives an overview of the available cmdlets and categorizes them:

Managing DSM PowerShell-Drives:

  • Get-EmdbDrive
    Retrieves PowerShell drives with a connection to a DSM environment

  • New-EmdbDrive
    Creates a new PowerShell drive with a connection to a DSM environment

  • Remove-EmdbDrive
    Removes PowerShell drives with connections to a DSM environment

Managing objects of the Organisation Directory:

Managing AutoInsert-Rules:

Managing Groups (static, dynamic, external):

Managing Citrix-objects:

Managing the Global Software Library:

Managing Policies:

Managing Permissions:

  • Test-EmdbRole
    Tests the existence of Role objects or if a user is Role owner in a given context

Managing Schema Extensions:

Managing Software-Shop Folders:

Managing Variables:

Managing Virtual Environments:

Managing User-Defined Tasks:

  • Invoke-EmdbUITask
    User-defined context-menu entries can be executed through this cmdlet

Managing Images:

Managing Mobile Devices:

Defining custom views:

Managing Patch-Categories:

Managing Patch-Rollout-Rules:

Managing Patch-Template-Rules:

Executing changes: