Creating Software-Shop Folders

This chapter discusses how to create new Software-Shop Folders. In order to accomplish this task, the cmdlet New-EmdbSoftwareShopUIFolder is used. The cmdlet requires at least the name of the Software-Shop Folder to created as a parameter.


Hint: The execution of these examples requires a connected PowerShell drive.

In order to create the new Software-Shop Folder "Office" you are using the following command:

New-EmdbSoftwareShopUIFolder "Office"

When just creating a new Software-Shop Folder, as in the example above, without any parameters, the displayname for all languages equals the specified internal name. If you are working in a multi-national environment, the displaynames for different languages supported in DSM 2014.1 can be specified. Therefore a hashtable with elements of format <culturecode>=<displayname> must be passed in the DisplayName-parameter, where the hashtable's elements are separated via semicolon:

New-EmdbSoftwareShopUIFolder "Admintools" -DisplayName @{de="Administrator-Werkzeuge";en="Admin-Tools"}

Using the "ParentUIFolder" parameter of the New-EmdbSoftwareShopUIFolder cmdlet, you can specify the parent-folder, under which the new folder should be created:

$MyParentFolder = Get-EmdbSoftwareShopUIFolder "Admintools"

New-EmdbSoftwareShopUIFolder "RemoteControl" -DisplayName @{de="Fernwartung";en="Remote Control"} -ParentUIFolder $MyParentFolder

Note: Note that Software-Shop Folder-objects are not part of the context rootDSE and therefore they can be referenced without a full qualified path resp. an absolute path.