Creating Software Installation Parameters

Creates the specified Software Installation Parameter object(s).


Hint: The execution of these examples requires a connected PowerShell drive.

Installation Parameters can be created using the cmdlet Add-EmdbInstallationParameter. In contrast to the cmdlets used for retrieving and setting the values of Installation Parameters, the cmdlets for creating and removing Installation Parameters support only objects of type "Software Package" as input objects.

In the next example the Software Package named "Adobe Reader 9.0" is extended with the logical category "Licensing" and an Installation Parameter named "LicenseKey":

$MySoftwarePackage = Get-EmdbSoftwarePackage "emdb:\rootDSE\Global Software Library\Application Library\Adobe\Adobe Reader\Adobe Reader 9.0"

Add-EmdbInstallationParameter -SoftwarePackage $MySoftwarePackage -LogicalCategory "Licensing" -ParameterName "LicenseKey" -DefaultValue "0xdeadbeef"


The value of the newly created Installation Parameter is set to the given value. The logical category will be created if it does not exist. Properties of the Installation Parameters that are not specified are set with default values.

Note: Installation Parameters can only be added to Software Packages that are not released yet.