Testing Domain Objects

Tests the existence of the specified Domain object(s). Returns true, if the domain exists and false if it doesn't.


Hint: The execution of these examples requires a connected PowerShell drive.

Tests if the Domain object "solys.local"  exists in the container "Managed Users & Computers":

Test-EmdbDomain "emdb:\rootDSE\Managed Users & Computers\solys.local"

The following example tests, if a Domain object with a name starting with "solys" exists in the "Managed Users & Computers" container:

Test-EmdbDomain "emdb:\rootDSE\Managed Users & Computers\solys*"

This one tests, if there is any Domain object underneath the "solys.local" Domain:

Test-EmdbDomain "emdb:\rootDSE\Managed Users & Computers\solys.local\*" -Recurse