Retrieving Software Installation Parameters

Retrieves the specified Software Installation Parameter object(s).


Hint: The execution of these examples requires a connected PowerShell drive.

Retrieve all Installation Parameters of the Software Package "Adobe Reader 9.0" from the directory "Global Software Library\Application Library\Adobe\Adobe Reader":

$MySoftwarePackage = Get-EmdbSoftwarePackage "emdb:\rootDSE\Global Software Library\Application Library\Adobe\Adobe Reader\Adobe Reader 9.0"

Get-EmdbInstallationParameter -EmdbItem $MySoftwarePackage

Installation Parameters cannot be only retrieved from Software Packages, but also from Policies and Policy Instances. If a Software Package named "Adobe Reader 9.0" is assigned to a Computer named  "XP99", the following command retrieves the Installation Parameters of that package:

$MyComputer = Get-EmdbComputer "XP99"

$MySoftwarePackage = Get-EmdbSoftwarePackage "emdb:\rootDSE\Global Software Library\Adobe\Adobe Reader\Adobe Reader 9.0"

$MyPolicyInstance = $MyComputer.GetPolicyInstances() | Where-Object {$_.AssignedObjectId -eq $MySoftwarePackage.PackageId}

Get-EmdbInstallationParameter -EmdbItem $MyPolicyInstance

Note that in the latter example the current values of the Installation Parameters are shown and not the default values as in the first example.

Among other properties, the logical category, the type and the default value of the Installation Parameters are returned in the previous examples. To limit the amount of information shown, the cmdlet can be parametrised with the name of a logical category or an Installation Parameter. In the next example, all Installation Parameters from the logical category "Licensing" are retrieved:

Get-EmdbInstallationParameter -EmdbItem $MySoftwarePackage -LogicalCategory "Licensing"