Unfortunately, not all functions that are available in the views "Manage Computers & Users" and "Manage Software" of the DSM Management Console (DSMC) are delegated to the Business Logic Server via its SOAP interface. Some functions need additional filesystem operations or procedure calls to remote systems (RPCs). In the current release of DSM 2019.1, those functions are not delegated to the webservice, but are executed directly by the DSMC.

This release of the PowerShell Extensions for Ivanti DSM supports only functions that could be handled by the webservice. Therefore functions, that are executed by the DSMC itself, are not available as PowerShell commands.

The following functions are affected by the discussed restriction:

View "Global Software Library":

  • Creating a revision of a software package

  • Copying a software package

  • Preparing the distribution of a software package

  • Setting up the distribution of a software package

  • Moving a software package to another repository

View  "Manage Computers & Users":

  • Importing DSM Inventory / Discovery installation targets

View  "Manage Computers & Users":

  • Problems working with objects that have a colon in their name - see also this FAQ entry

This list contains all restrictions known at the time of its creation. The list makes no claim to be complete.