Renaming Mobile Devices

Renames the specified Mobile Device object.


Hint: The execution of these examples requires a connected PowerShell drive.

The code below renames the Mobile Device "Android_HTC_01" to "Android_JellyBean_HTC_01" by specifying the new name in the Name-property and subsequently invoking the Update()-method:

$MyMobileDevice = Get-EmdbMobileDevice "emdb:\rootDSE\Managed Mobile Devices\Chicago\Android_HTC_01"

$MyMobileDevice.Name = "Android_JellyBean_HTC_01"


The following example renames the Mobile Device"IOS_IPHONE_05" in the current context using the Rename-Item cmdlet:

Cd "emdb:\rootDSE\Managed Mobile Devices\Apple"

Rename-Item "IOS_IPHONE_05" -NewName "IOS_IPHONE_4S_05"

Note: The functionality described here is available for FrontRange DSM 7.1 and above only.