New in version 3.0

In version 3.0, 22 new and several modified and extended cmdlets were implemented to further help and assist you in managing and using the new objects, functions and possibilities of FrontRange DSM 2014.1. A total of 102 cmdlets is now available at your convenience.

Managing Citrix-objects:

Managing AutoInsert-Rules (called AutoInsert-Configurations in previous DSM-versions):

Managing Patch-Categories:

Managing Patch-Rollout-Rules:

Managing Patch-Template-Rules:

Managing Permissions (called Tasks in previous DSM-versions):

More optimizations and new features:

  • The connection to the Administration Webservice can be established via https. Please find the details in chapter Establishing a connection.
  • The Registry-Key and -Value for centrally storing the licensefile have change since the previous version - details are outlined in chapter Central Licensefile Store
  • The cmdlet New-EmdbUITask has received an additional parameter -DisplayOrder.
  • The cmdlet New-EmdbUITask was modified on the parameter -RequiredPermission for usage with DSM 2013.2 and higher.
  • Setting the value of Installation Parameters on Software Set Component Policies is possible now.
  • The property EmdbInstallationParameter.SoftwareRevision (declared as a script-property in NwcServices.BlsAdministration.TypeData.ps1xml) returns the SoftwareRevision value of the definition.
  • Values of Installation Parameters, which are defined in the context of a Policy and are not changeable per assignment, are now displayed.
  • New parameter -DisableDecompression for the cmdlet New-PSDrive. If this parameter is used while mapping the BlsEmdb-drive, the connection to the BLS is established without gzip-decompression.
  • The cmdlets Grant-EmdbPermission and Revoke-EmdbPermission are adjusted for use with DSM 2013.2 and higher. The parameter Task was renamed to Permission (but is kept as an alias for compatibility reasons).
  • The enumeration-value InfrastructureTaskCategory.LongRunTask was renamed to .LongRunningTask  (.LongRunTask remains available under the name Obsoleted_LongRunTask )
  • Two new license information properties are available on the BlsEmdb-drive: <BlsEmdb drive>.License.DetectedClientCount and <BlsEmdb drive>.License.RemainingClientCount.
  • Using the additional new methods <BlsEmdb drive>.GetEmdbItem and <BlsEmdb drive>.GetEmdbItems allows for all object types to ber retrieved using their ID.

Corrections in online help:

  • Since DSM 2014.1 to reinstall Policy-Instances the property "ServerRolloutState" needs to be set to "ToBeRedelivered" AND the property "ExecutionMode" must be set to "Reinstall"
  • The task "Execute Changes" needs an object of type FastInstallJobs which has to be created slightly different than in previous versions - the changes required are adopted in chapter Execute changes.