Removing Schema Extensions

In DSM 2014.1.1 the new possibility was introduced to delete Schema Extensions that have been implemented previously. The removing of such Schema Extensions is done via the Update-EmdbObjectSchema cmdlet using specific parameters described below.


Hint: The execution of these examples requires a connected PowerShell drive.

Deletion of the userdefined Schema Extension property "Inventory-ID" (internal name: "InvNo"), which is member of the property group "Location" (internal: "Location") for the object type "Computer":

Update-EmdbObjectSchema -Drive emdb -SchemaType Computer -ModifyGroup 'Location' -RemoveProperty 'InvNo'

The following example deletes the whole property group "Location":

Update-EmdbObjectSchema -Drive emdb -SchemaType Computer -RemoveGroup 'Location'

WARNING: The Business Logic Server does not deny removing property groups if they do still contain properties. You'll neither get a hint nor a warning or even an error. If a property group is deleted, all associated properties are deleted automatically.

Note: The functionality described here is available for DSM 7.1 and above only.